Is Change Scary or Exciting?

18 Sep

It’s been another exhausting week of tantrums and crying spells before school, courtesy of my five year-old son. But, I think I’ve finally figured out the problem: Change.Turns out, he’s plagued by the same thing so many grown-ups struggle with: The idea that change is scary.

So, we’ve modified our narrative a bit–in addition to acknowledging that change can be scary, we’re talking a lot about how change can be exciting, too!untitled

What I realized throughout this entire event is that my five year-old isn’t the only one who’s afraid of change. Turns out, I have the same conversation in my therapy room on a daily basis with grown-ups. And, it’s the same conversation I find myself having with some clients at the mediation table: Yes, change is scary. But, change can also be exciting.

When we’re in the midst of conflict, maybe we should all “check” ourselves when it comes to why we’re having the conflict in the first place. Is it possible that what the other person is proposing is scary because it would be a change to the status quo?

If so, it’s worth “reframing” your thoughts. Yes, change can be scary. But, isn’t it exciting?


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