It only takes 5 minutes

5 Jun

There is definitely a tension between my schedule and me. And sometimes I feel conflicted.

My ‘to do’ list is waaay longer than the time I have – whether it’s business tasks or personal activities.  I don’t have time to spare.

So, it drives me totally crazy when someone tells me that a new task will ‘only take 5 minutes.’

Here are some recent examples: caring for my teeth with a new device, drying my hair with a round brush and making a breakfast shake.

If I summed up the time for each task that only added 300 seconds to my day, where would I get all of that time from?

The bottom line is that we only have 24 hours per day. And if we want to add a new activity like going to spin class or spending time with a new friend, we have to take the time from something else.

So scheduling is a task of daily, weekly and monthly prioritization. What do we feel is most important? Is it sleep or meal prep? Taking the dog for a walk or catching a movie? Does working out fit in? Or do would you rather read a book?

As a co-worker who had a new boyfriend told me long ago … “you gotta wanna do something and if you do, you will figure it out.”

So the next time you catch me with a banana peel in my car or my hair flipped up in the back, you will know that at least on that day … making a breakfast shake or struggling with that round brush wasn’t a high priority for me.






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