It’s Not Fair

6 Mar

I’m having a dilemma of sorts–and, it’s about fairness and parenting.

The other day, my 8 year-old requested that she and her sister have their own rooms if we ever move, and, of course, she asked if she could have the bigger room (naturally).images9W01XMAX

I didn’t skip a beat when answering that, no, she can’t have the bigger room because she’s not the oldest. Surprisingly, she just shrugged and moved on to another topic (I think it had something to do with One Direction :-)).

But, something about the conversation bothered me later. Why would I just assume the bigger room would go to the oldest child? And, worse, why did my daughter just accept that “unfairness” and move on?

It made me think about all the things I accept, even though I understand they’re not necessarily “fair.” And, it made me wonder if that’s a good thing–or not.

As a mediator (and parent), I often think about the concept of fairness. There are those who will fight for fairness even if that means impasse. But, now, I realize there are others who will accept that “life isn’t fair” and move on.

Which is better? Which is worse? I don’t know–it’s another gray area of life–and parenting–I guess.


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