It’s Not Too Late to Resolve That Holiday Conflict!

2 Jan

I just re-read Jeanette’s post about holiday conflict–and, my efforts get a B- I think! Here are a few more tips for handling that holiday conflict, just in case you need some help rounding out 2013, courtesy of the Neighborhood Mediation Center.

Whatever the cause of the stress, here are a few tips to resolve your holiday conflict in a healthy way as we usher in 2014.images

1. Breathe first—long inhales and long exhales calm your central nervous system.

2. Pick your battles carefully—make sure the conflict is worthy of your time and energy before you engage.

3. Use your conflict resolution skills—listen, ask questions to clarify information, and summarize what you’ve heard.

4. Look for common ground– don’t focus completely on your differences.

5. Focus on interests– yours and theirs.

6. Think of as many options as possible for resolving the conflict.

7. Make an agreement to resolve the conflict in a way that is mutually satisfactory.

8. And, last but not least, stay open to offering an apology as a way to take responsibility for your part in the conflict.

A tall order? You bet–but, clearing yourself of all that holiday conflict could mean a fresh start in 2014!



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