It’s One of the CEO Seven Deadly Sins

12 Mar

Did you know that that a recent survey uncovered that conflict avoidance was one of the “Seven Deadly Sins that CEOs won’t admit,” according to the Huffington Post.What? CEO’s are scared of conflict? Then, what hope do the rest of us have?

According to the article, “Why Avoiding Conflict Keeps You Trapped in It Forever,”

Here are the three biggest reasons people cite for avoiding conflict.untitled (34)

1. False assumptions about surface information–I love the example the article gives: Two people want a whole orange, but they don’t want to fight over it. So, they let the fight fester. But, when asked why each of them wants the entire orange, one says, “I need the orange juice for a cake.” The other says, “I need the zest for a recipe.” Turns out, they didn’t even have the same need.

2. Mistaking determination for rigidity–Just because someone is firm, doesn’t mean he’s not open to compromise. It’s worth taking a chance to see if the other person might be flexible. If you assume he’s not, you’ll be stuck in the conflict.

3. Lack of confidence–This the biggest reason people cite for avoiding conflict. It’s takes courage to ask for what you want, and you can’t assume you won’t solve the problem peacefully. Best to show confidence and tackle your conflict head-on!

There you go–don’t let these excuses keep you from resolving the conflicts in your own life–and show those CEO’s who’s boss!




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