Just Say “Yes”!

8 Aug

So, we made the big move this past week (Thursday, to be exact,) and my family and I are officially residents of Deerfield, IL! The move made me reflect on how, exactly, I got here, and I’ve come to the conclusion that our journey has been a long series of saying, “yes.”

Moving to Chicago wasn’t on our radar, but my husband had the wisdom to say, “yes” to an exceptional job offer, and, so far, it’s been life-changing for our family. That “yes” means a new adventure for all of us, and, so far, we’ve been having a ball! (Note to self: it’s not winter, yet!)images

Our former Au Pair from Italy is here with us, and that’s another story of saying, “yes.” In Reno, a friend was hosting her cousin and asked if anyone would like an Au Pair for the summer–naturally, I piped up, and one week later, a strange, Italian teen flew in, and, since then, she’s become part of our family. Had we said, “no,” we would have missed out on the rich experience of having her here…twice. And, sharing a room with my girls is another Auntie from Reno–when she mentioned she would be happy to come out and help with the move, I said (you guessed it) “yes!” So, needless to say, we have a full house!

And, I’ve already made friends here in Chicago–thanks to “yes.” The day we moved in, a neighbor approached and asked if I wanted to come to a “Moms” get together that night. Of course I didn’t–I had just spent all day unpacking! Still, I did it, and I already have a full social calendar.

These are just the examples from a few weeks when saying “yes” has led to opportunity, excitement, and adventure. As someone once said, “I’d rather say, ‘Oh well…’ than ‘What if?”

What would happen if, at the mediation table, there were more “yes” answers than “no?” What would happen if the parties looked at mediation as an opportunity to start their future rather than mourning the past? What would happen if all of us said “yes” to forgiveness and let go of the conflict?

Hmmm…food for thought. And, speaking of food, I need to say “yes” to breakfast!



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