Just Sayin’

31 Jan

Let me go on the record and say I like most of the attorneys I’ve met–heck, I’ve tossed around the idea of becoming one! But, I’m still shaking my head about a divorce mediation I observed a few months ago that involved some questionable choices made by the attorneys present. So, let me tell you what I mean and get your thoughts:

A couple was still living together, although it was clear the marriage was over. Both attorneys were present, and the mediator was tasked with doing what she could to help the couple decide how to pay bills–and whatever other issues landed on the table. Anyway, both attorneys asked to begin with caucus. During caucus, Mom’s attorney reported to the mediator that Dad doesn’t get the kids to do their homework and is, generally, a not-so-involved Dad. However, in the same breath, the attorney asked the mediator to keep the comment confidential because she didn’t want him to become a better Dad and, thus, jeopardize her case.

The mediator complied with the request and was probably right in doing so. But, the whole thing didn’t sit right with me. Being an advocate for children, I couldn’t help wondering–aren’t we here for the best interests of the children?

I’m just sayin’.



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