Kick Conflict

10 Jun

Innovative ways to teach kids how to resolve conflict in a more peaceful way is music to my ears.

So, when I read that folks in Waukesha, Wisconsin were doing just that … I needed to know more.

Turns out that their Mediation and Restorative Justice Center has some awesome youth programs:

“Kick Conflict” is a partnership between the center and a multicultural gym.  The program creates a ‘safe place’ for physical activity and training centered on kickboxing … and conflict resolution skills …  for youth who have engaged in, or are at-risk for, verbal or physical disputes. What a fabulous idea!kickboxing

Agree to Succeed Truancy Mediation” provides early intervention mediation between families and school officials. The goal is to develop an action plan to address attendance issues and prevent habitual truancy. Just love the “early” part.

“Victim Offender Conferencing” is conducted by a trained facilitator who guides a conversation between a crime victim and offender.  This allows the victim to express how the crime has impacted him/her and the youth offender to take responsibility for his/her actions. Sometimes, an agreement for restitution is an outcome of the conference. Often feelings of closure and healing can happen too. This helps people to move on.

Hats off to The Mediation and Restorative Justice Center which is a part of Wisconsin Community Services. Their motto is “Creating Opportunities to Overcome Adversity.” And mediation is there to help!





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