Kids Say the Darndest Things!

20 Oct

I actually had a different topic in mind for today’s post, but that one will have to wait. Yesterday, I saw an article in the paper about a survey published by Highlights magazine called “The State of the Kid” and I just had to write about it.

If you are the parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 12 (or younger), you need to read the survey results.*  They are so interesting and I just LOVE the idea of asking kids what they think!

H4CLogoHighlights has been conducting this survey for 6 years and this year, they added questions about parental distraction. Their goal is to bring the voice of the child into the discussion that adults have. How awesome is that.

And here’s how the kids replied to the following questions:

When you want to talk to your parents about something important, when is the best time to do it?

  • During a meal – 33%
  • At bedtime – 29%
  • In the car – 18%
  • Anytime  – 7%

Are your parents ever distracted or focused on other things when you are trying to talk to them?

  • Yes – 62%
  • No – 38%

If so, what distracts them?”

  • Cell phone – 28%
  • Siblings – 25%
  • Work – 16%
  • Television – 13%
  • Computer/Laptop – 10%
  • Cooking – 8%
  • Housework – 7%
  • Driving – 5%

51% of the children surveyed cited some form of technology as the distraction!

Just yesterday, I gave a presentation to a group about Building Skills for Conflict Management and listening is an important skill.

Why? Because Listening = Learning. If you are distracted you aren’t learning from the person who is trying to communicate with you – and that includes your child.

So Highlights followed up with this question and remarked at the astute replies.

How do you know that our parents are listening to you?

  • “When they are sitting down and not on their phones.” – Girl, Age 10
  • “My parents would be asking questions. Not just ‘uh huh.” – Boy, Age 10
  • “When there are no distractions and they listen and help me figure things out.” – Girl, Age 7

Parents, this is a great reminder from the mouths of children .. because kids say the darndest things – they tell it how it is.


*  1,521 surveys were completed in April and May of this year. Boys and girls each comprised 50% of the respondents.. The age distribution was age 6-8 (39%), age 9-10 (31%) and age 11-12 (30%).




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