Kudos to the Juvenile Courts

28 Feb

As mediators, we’re at the courthouse–a lot. And, as many may agree, it’s not often people “look forward” to their day in court, even if justice IS served. However, I just experienced a very positive day in court, and I just had to write about it.

child-aloneOne of my clients is in Foster Care, and his situation is confusing, to say the least! Let’s just say it involves lots of family members all fighting for custody, many of whom are not appropriate placement options.

Well, I decided to support my client by appearing at his Foster Care Panel meeting, which is, basically, a meeting of the case worker, any involved professional parties, and a court liason. May I just say…it was an experience that re-affirmed my confidence in the court system and how it handles juvenile reunification cases.

As I looked across the table, I not only saw interested family members, the case worker, Foster Mom, and the court liason, I also saw a CASA worker and a child advocate. All fighting to do what’s best for the child. All with the child’s best interests at heart. As he played on the floor, I knew he had no idea how many people were going to make SURE he was O.K., and, perhaps, that was the best part of all.

So, kudos to the Juvenile Courts that are out there providing personnel to keep the CHILD’S best interests at heart. And, kudos to those professionals–CASA, child advocates, etc.–who are out there making sure no child slips through the cracks.


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