Let’s Make This Easy–Resolve One Conflict in 2016

31 Dec

How many of you have decided to lose 10 pounds by going on a strict diet and exercise regimen–only to realize you can’t possibly keep-up the discipline. Or, maybe you’ve decided to buy ONLY organic food, right down to the ketchup–only to learn that your bank account can’t keep up (I’ve actually tried this and failed).

When it comes to conflict resolution, the same rule applies: don’t over-shoot.

This New Year’s Eve, maybe it’s completely reasonable that you can only resolve ONE long-standing conflict in 2016. That’s O.K. One is certainly better than none. And, by crafting a reachable goal, you’re more likely to actually achieve it.fireworks

So, perhaps this New Year’s Eve, put down the champagne for a few minutes and think about which long-standing conflict (or new one) you would like to resolve this year. Is there someone at work you avoid because you simply dislike the dynamic between you? Is there a friend with whom you’ve lost contact because of an isolated incident long ago? Maybe it’s even a conflict inside YOURSELF. Or, a conflict you feel is currently brewing, but not fully realized.

Whatever the conflict–ask yourself which one has the most negative impact on your daily functioning, and fix that one! Who knows? Maybe resolving that one conflict will inspire you to resolve others.

Resolving conflict is a great way to ring in the new year, and doing so almost always gives you a return on your effort. So, here’s to a great 2016 with fewer conflicts and more resolution!


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