Medical Bill Mediation?

26 Sep

With all the talk about the new Health Care Law going on, I can’t help but re-evaluate how this will impact my own family–and, it got me wondering: Are we about to see a boom in mediations between health care providers and patients. Or, health care providers and insurance companies?

When I was about to leave Reno, a dear friend had a baby who was born with complications, and I was shocked to learn her medical bills were in hospital-bill-1040cs020712the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, recently, some family members confided that they were taking too long “paying off” their medical bills from an accident, and, now, the bills were in the hands of collections.

All that to say this: Medical bills are a real burden for many families. And, health care providers seem to grow increasingly impatient with those who can’t pay promptly. Could mediation be the answer? Before health care providers and insurance companies rush to the collections agencies, could both sides sit down and come up with a better option? My understanding is that a company which hires a collections agency only keeps a small portion of what’s collected. So, wouldn’t it save money to mediate instead?

My thoughts? Mediation may be the answer when providers, patients, and insurance companies collide–and, it may save EVERYONE money!



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