Mini Mediator Memories

20 Jun

Today’s post is just a trip down memory lane for me–to my first “job” as a mediator, at the ripe old age of 13.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was “hired” for my first mediating gig in 8th grade–by my close friend and her Mom. It went like this: I got a call from my friend in the late afternoon one day asking me to come over because she was having a argument with her Mom. I can’t remember the details of the argument, but I do remember her saying that her Mom had called Grandma (Mom’s Mom), and she had called me.

Child listeningWhen I arrived, we all sat down at a table and…well…hashed things out. It was totally civilized and controlled, and each “side” took a turn citing their facts in the case. Grandma and I were neutral parties who were there to listen and give our input, and that we did.

Looking back, it’s so interesting that my friend called me at that time. Certainly, she had other friends to whom she could turn, but, instead, she called on me to be supportive and objective. I’m still in touch with her today, and I’m sure she gets a great deal of humor out of the fact that I’ve turned to therapy and mediation for my career!

No great words of wisdom today–just wanted to share with you my story of how early I became interested in this line of work!


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