Money vs. Time

28 Nov

Most of us would say we don’t have enough money.

And we all know that we have a limited amount of time on this earth.

So …. if you had to pick between the two … which would you choose?

Time is moneyThat question might create an internal conflict, don’t you think?

After all — can’t you do more with your time off if you have money? But if you spent all of your time making money — do you really feel like you have enough time off?

According to an article published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, studies show that, even though most people (64% of those surveyed) choose money as their answer to that question, it turns out that people who choose time over money are happier.

Now that could seem at odds, right?

If you read further, the authors state that people who choose money are more likely to be fixated on not having enough.

On the other hand, people who chose time, focused more on how they would spend it, planning to spend on “wants” rather than “needs” and on others rather than on themselves. And they reported greater life satisfaction.

So, each group has a different perspective.

How do you answer this question for yourself?

Well, here’s a good starting point.

List all of the reasons why it would be good to have more money and do the same for the value of time.

I bet each list will help to to put some clarity on this answer in your own life.









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