Never Underestimate the Transition Blues

29 Jan

I have a lot of personal experience with transition–I’ve lived in eight states (including the “foreign” island state of Hawaii and two countries), and I can say with certainty that, however exciting change can be, it’s also extraordinarily stressful.

Currently, our family is in the midst of another transition–preparing for our (hopefully) FINAL move in just a few months. And, I’m reminded again of how our “normal” personalities seem to disappear and our demeanors seem invaded by alien spirits when change is on the horizon.untitled (21)

The kids are constantly at each other, I find myself an unlikeable taskmaster, and I can’t help picking fights with my husband. Ahhh–it must be transition time!

So, it begs to reason that our clients in the mediation room are experiencing a similar change–in the midst of divorce, business matters, or civil disputes. And, it may do us well to realize the people sitting with us at the table are experiencing the transition blues–when our “normal” behaviors cease to exist, and our “stressed” behaviors take over.

I’m trying my best to hold it together–to find the “real” me beneath all the stress of another move (I really like her–she’s pretty patient, kind, and loving :-)). However, I fail nearly every day.

That’s O.K., though–she’ll be back. At least until another transition.



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