Out With the Old…

1 Jan

It’s 2015!!!

I love the thought of a New Year. I can’t help but think of all the “new” things associated with it: new possibilities, new adventures, and new challenges.I also love thinking of the New Year as a time to be “out with the old.” I have clients who are committed to ending dysfunctional relationships on Dec. 31, and I know others who are ready to say “good-bye”to dead-end jobs. But, in this blog, I want to talk to those of you who are ready to get rid of the most hideous of things: the perpetual conflict.untitled (18)

We all have them–those conflicts that are just “simmering” under the surface. They don’t necessarily impact your life on a day-to-day basis, but that doesn’t mean they’re still not there. In fact, something usually happens once a month or so that reminds you, “I’m still here–waiting too be resolved!”

Maybe it’s a song on the radio. Maybe it’s a particular place. Heck, maybe you smell something that reminds you of that conflict. Whatever your reminder, maybe it’s time you resolve that conflict once and for all.

Interestingly enough, in working with couples, “perpetual conflicts” are a main source of discussion. Even if a couple comes in claiming everything is fine, all I have to ask is this: “so, what is a perpetual conflict in the relationship you would like to talk about?” And, the flood gates are opened!

Today marks the first day of 2015–I can’t imagine a better day to end that old conflict that just won’t go away.

Wouldn’t this year be better off without it?



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