Pivot #1 – Your Stuck Story

8 Sep

First, please let me confess that the title of this post was not my creative idea.  I read it in a book called The Conflict Pivot – Turning Conflict into Peace of Mind by Tammy Lenski.

The book really made sense to me and it gave me several ideas for posts which I will be sharing with you this month.

You have to be really motivated about a topic to read a ‘self-help’ book which is what I would classify this one. Perhaps though my posts, you will experience some food for thought as well or be even be interested in getting the book for yourself.

Tammy’s approach is to walk you through 3 conflict ‘pivots’ which are purposeful changes in direction during a conflict to achieve a better result.

Now, that’s a mouthful, but if you think about it, it means that YOU are actively doing something instead of suffering through your conflict.

So today’s post is about the First Pivot – MOVE FROM YOUR STUCK STORY AND TOWARDS ITS MESSAGE

Movie trailer - compressedI love Tammy’s description of your ‘stuck story’ in a conflict. She likens it to a movie trailer – all of the highlights of a movie to capture your attention with a whole lot of the story left out. It’s that synopsis that you tell others and the one that you repeat to yourself.  First an important realization … it’s YOUR story of the conflict … not THE story of the conflict. So true.

It’s what’s included in the story that’s important.  Why? Because the first pivot is to move away from the stuck story. How do you do that? By spending some time with it and figuring out what about your story impacts you the most – what do you dwell on when you tell it?

Therein, lies the info for the 2nd pivot. Stay tuned next week.





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