Pivot # 3 – Away from the Past

22 Sep

This is the third and final post in a series about a great new book entitled “The Conflict Pivot: Turning Conflict into Peace of Mind.” I thought that sharing it with you might give you some insights about how to deal with conflict in your own life. It’s making a difference in mine.

In my last two posts, I described the two components of the Conflict Pivot Framework – Understanding your Stuck Story and Identifying your Conflict Hooks.

The third step is to do what’s probably the hardest – Pivot 3: AWAY FROM THE PAST AND TOWARD THE NOW

One man between past and future.Dwelling in the past when dealing with a conflict is the easiest place to be. It’s the known – it’s what happened, right? It’s so familiar.

But the only way to move on (and get that peace of mind) is to let go of the reliance on the other person to make things right and to focus on what’s going to happen next.

Here’s the kicker: You HAVE to identify solutions that don’t require the other person’s participation. Why? Because they may not want to dance a new type of dance with you. And without this realization and effort, you will stay in the same conflict for a long time.

It’s that simple … but oh … so challenging.

Conflict is in the past. Conflict Resolution is in the present and future.

Thank-you Tammy Lenski for your book and for encouraging us to take back our power to connect our happiness to what we do, instead of relying on the actions of others.


PS – To get the full story, please read Pivot #1 – Your Stuck Story and Pivot #2 – Your Conflict Hooks


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2 Responses to “Pivot # 3 – Away from the Past”

  1. Tammy September 23, 2014 at 8:42 am #

    Thanks so much for your series on conflict pivots, Jeanette! I’m grateful for your interest in the book and the pivots.

    • The Olive Branch Blog October 2, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

      Hi Tammy. It’s me who is thanking you for the thought and energy you put into your book. It has made a profound difference in my life!

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