Quick Update-Kobe Bryant Post

19 Jun

Last month, I wrote a story about Kobe Bryant and the fact that a judge had ordered him to mediation. I titled it:

Airing Your Family’s Dirty Laundry

A quick footnote to that post.

K BryantThe press reported last week that the lawsuits in this case have been settled. Kobe’s parents apologized in a public statement for any unintended pain they caused their son. They also apologized to the auction house for involving them.  Six of the 100 items in question will be auctioned off.

One of the advantages of mediation is that you can agree what will be made public – like the statement released through Kobe’s law firm. Everything else is confidential.

So, nor more airing of dirty laundry for this family. Phew … another day in court avoided.


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