Resist the “Pull”–The 5th Commandment for Mediators

5 Dec

When the conflict you’re mediating is especially personal, things tend to get…well, especially personal.

For example, if you’re mediating a divorce, both parties typically have years of conflict and pain they bring to the table, so things can get emotional, to say the least. During these types of mediations, it’s typical that each party will try to bring the mediator into his/her corner and make the case that the other party is the devil in disguise!untitled

It’s during times like these that the 5th commandment for mediators comes in handy: Never get pulled into the conflict.

In fact, it’s good practice to remind the parties that you’re a neutral third-party professional and that you have no vested interest in favoring one solution over the other.

Let’s face it though: We’re human. So, if you feel closer to the values of one party then the other, it’s time to check your biases and be as neutral and fair as you can be.

It’s another reason mediation is an art AND a science!


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