Schedule It!

23 Oct

I’ve always been a big fan of scheduling things. I’m even one of the few people left who use an actual paper calendar to schedule things–mostly because I’m addicted to turning a page and seeing all my “to-do’s” written down.

So, it’s probably in my nature to bring the idea of scheduling into my work. In fact, for clients dealing with grief, I often recommend they “schedule” their grief, so they can still function in daily life. For so many, grief strikes at inopportune times, and it’s hard to function if that grief keeps interfering.  So, the idea is to carve out a time during which you can really “let it all out” and do the grieving that needs to be done in order to move forward.

images707U7NW7I keep thinking this can also be used for conflict resolution: If you’re in a long-term conflict with no easy answers, what about “scheduling” a time each day to chip away at the conflict? Couples therapists will sometimes recommend a “State of the Union” talk with one’s partner once a day just to reconnect and resolve any mini-conflicts from the day. So, why can’t that work with someone who ISN’T your partner?

I can’t help thinking that kind of work would help repair conflicts one conversation at a time.



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