Seek … Attack … Destroy

26 May

Today is Memorial Day and I would like to honor all of our veterans who have died in service to our country. The sacrifices that you and your families made so that my family and I can live in peace is so appreciated. Thank-you!

Which brings me to a story about the military which I would like to share on this important day.

I was talking to a candidate for political office about a month ago – he served in the Navy but then also as civilian employee for the Air Force after leaving active duty. We bonded on a personal level as soon as we found out that we have both taught conflict resolution skills. His experience came from serving as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program Manager for the Secretary of the Air Force.

AFG-070912-042He told me a story about seeing the motto of the 52nd Fighter Wing on a mug in a classroom full of students. They included the Wing Commander, his senior staff, ‘jet jocks’ as he called them and some Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) staff.  On the whole – not a really ‘ADR oriented’ crowd. Their motto, displayed proudly on that mug, read “Seek, Attack, Destroy.”

So he told them he wasn’t going to interfere with their military mission but would shift their mantra to “Meet, Greet, Resolve” to address interpersonal and other conflicts.

Now … that’s my kind of teacher. Quick on his feet.





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