Still Learning…After All These Years

25 Apr

I had a few moments in sessions this past week that reminded me–we’re always learning, no matter how much we think we may know 🙂

The first one came during a session with a family who had truly been to rock bottom and back. This family struggled with lack of communication and, frankly, a lack of support. This was especially true for Mom and Daughter, and my assignment was to help them repair their damaged relationship and counsel the Daughter, who had attempted self-harm.

imagesAt our session the other day, I was happy to learn that things had improved dramatically, and Mom told me they had a new method of conflict resolution in their home: a topic board in their kitchen on which any family members can write things they want to address as a family. When a topic comes up, a family meeting is held. The issue is resolved.

Later in the week, another family was in session with me, and they came up with a similar plan to address conflict in their home: a weekly Family Meeting during which anyone can vent their frustrations without reprimand. In the past, this family has had problems with the “bottling up” of frustrations, and this seemed like a good way to vent in a safe and loving environment.

These may seem like common-sense solutions to conflict in the home, but so many of us don’t take the time–or make the effort–to have an organized, scheduled way to resolve our conflict.

The teacher is the student once again!


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