Supervision in Life and Work

21 Feb

As a budding Marriage and Family Therapist, I am required to have 200 hours of supervision for licensure, and it got me thinking–wouldn’t it be nice if mediators (and, just everyone, really) were offered supervision?

Let me first explain what supervision is: the supervisor is someone in the “field” who has many years experience and training as a supervisor. The supervisee is usually someone who is just starting out. The supervisee meets with the supervisor for advice about work, cases, etc., so he/she can learn and serve his/her clients better.


I love supervision. In our meetings, we not only discuss work, but also life and how work affects life. And, it got me thinking–mediators could use supervision as well. As mediators, we run into cases that disturb us, challenge us, make us second-guess ourselves. How I would love to meet with a supervisor on a regular basis, so I could learn better ways to handle difficult cases! Or, even to discuss how a certain case has affected me personally as a mediator. I would find that invaluable.

And, how about life in general? Can you imagine how great life would be if we all had a supervisor we were required to meet with on a regular basis? On some level, they already exist. I believe they’re called life coaches. But, life coaches aren’t mandatory, and, from what I understand, they’re not cheap!

Anyway, I plan to take full advantage of my supervision, and I feel so fortunate that I’m required to attend my meetings. Who knows–maybe mediator supervision is something that will evolve in the future!


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