Surviving Thanksgiving (Or Any Holiday) Conflict

21 Nov

I did some research to see what others offered as advice for the slippery slope of holiday conflict.

Thanksgiving Day celebration concept with pumpkin and maple leafs.

Here are some of my favorites to perhaps help you though the next few days.

Let it go – Ask yourself … how important is it? And it the answer is anywhere south of “amazingly critical,” then consider setting it aside and not making a big deal out of whatever it is.

Keep those skeletons in the closet – Holidays aren’t the time to bring up old disputes or grudges. If they are that important, set aside a non-holiday time to address them.

Embrace a tradition (or start a new one) – Traditions help to bring and bond people together. So, whether it’s watching the game or making the deserts together … include traditions in your holiday celebration.

Set expectations beforehand – If you know that your mother is always going to bring up a certain topic, then don’t be surprised when it happens. And perhaps even think about a new way to handle it from your end. After all, it only takes one person to change to alter a family dynamic.

Be grateful – Take a mental inventory of the things you are grateful for when you are with family and keep those in mind during the few days you are together.

Find time for yourself – sometimes all of that holiday closeness can be stifling. Do whatever works for you – slip out for a walk even around the block, offer to go to the store, read a few pages in that book you want to finish.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, this Thanksgiving, please know that I am grateful for you, my readers, and I wish you a wonderful holiday.



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