Thank-you Bernie Anderson

20 Jan

It was with a heavy heart that I read about the passing of Assemblyman Bernie Anderson earlier this month. Most of his colleagues probably don’t know this, or perhaps don’t remember, but Mr. Anderson was instrumental in funding the Neighborhood Mediation Center (NMC) here in Washoe County.

In 1997, he sponsored a bill (AB 208), which modeled the successful Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center program and encouraged smaller counties to start justice centers of their own.

The bill required the new centers to provide at no charge:

  1. A forum for the impartial mediation of minor disputes including, but not limited to, disputes between landlord and tenant, neighbors, family members, local businesses and their customers, hospitals and their patients, and governmental agencies and their clients, except where prohibited by federal law.
  2. A system of providing information concerning the resolution of disputes and the services available in the community.
  3. An efficient and effective referral system which assists in the resolution of disputes and otherwise guides the client to the appropriate public or private agency.

Bernie AndersonI actively volunteered for several years at NMC … it was because of this program that I was able to get my first ten mediations under my belt to be able to pursue other mediation opportunities.

I last saw Mr. Anderson two months ago and he took the time to thank me for writing this blog.

Thank-you, Bernie Anderson, for all you did to promote alternative dispute resolution and for your kind words. They will continue to inspire me.




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