The Best Conflict Resolution–No Conflict at All

5 Jun

We write an awful lot about conflict resolution (and, why wouldn’t we–we’re a conflict resolution blog!) But, this post is a little different.It’s about conflict itself or, more specifically, the idea that not ALL battles are worth fighting. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that her husband will likely relocate the family to South Dakota because of Nevada’s regulations regarding trust companies.

It’s something that’s been a possibility for some time, but, now, it seems nearly definite. Of course, I jumped right in with “how do you feel about that?” thinking that, of course, she would be upset and rightly so.

images To my surprise, she told me that, at first, she was upset, but, now, she’s good with it. Good with it? I couldn’t help thinking about all the times I kicked and screamed when my husband was forced to move our family.

All of a sudden, I got it.

To her, it wasn’t a battle worth fighting. Instead, she accepted the idea of moving and…well…moved on.

How many times do we create a conflict out of something that, frankly, doesn’t need to be a conflict? If the conflict won’t resolve the issue at hand, is it worth fighting about? Can’t we just “be upset at first” and, then, be OK. with it?

Another lesson learned from someone who didn’t think she was teaching me a lesson.


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