The Boston Marathon Bombing and Forgiveness

18 Apr

I, like so many others, was shocked to hear about the bombing at the Boston Marathon Monday. And, now, news about the victims. Devastating.

According to reports, three people were killed–a 29 year old woman, a Boston University graduate student from China, and an 8 year-old boy who was cheering on runners with his family. Countless others are injured–some still in critical condition. Many of them are children. There are no words…

imagesTragedies like this one stir up all sorts of emotions for me–anger, shock, sadness. They also make me face a question I, frankly, hate to face: if my loved-one was killed by senseless violence, could I forgive?

The simple answer is: I don’t know. My logical side says yes–by forgiving someone, you are releasing yourself from the anger. But, my emotional side says–heck no! Some things are unforgiveable.

And, yes–mass killings of innocent people and children. That’s on my list of unforgiveable.

By all accounts, authorities have identified a suspect in Monday’s bombing. So, now, the families can put a face–or at least a name–behind the violence. Maybe that means the families have someone to blame. It might also mean they have someone to forgive.




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