The Clipboard

2 May

Two days ago, I saw an unwelcome sight as I picked up my 3 year-old from Preschool–the dreaded clipboard!

Now, a clipboard may not seem very intimidating to most people, but, when a Mom sees it coming toward her in the carpool line, it means her child a) had an accident and got hurt b) someone hit/kicked/bit her child or c) her child hit/kicked/bit someone else.

In this case, I was informed that my son had scratched a child across the face, and, yes, I had to sign the paper stating that I knew what happened.

imagesIt got me thinking, though. How many “clipboards” would we all accumulate as adults? I wonder how many “incidents” of conflict I would have racked up by now. Would it help if we documented every time we had a conflict and didn’t resolve it properly? And, I wonder if we would learn from our mistakes better if we had documented proof of what happened. Hmmm, it’s food for thought.

As for me, my stack of papers would be sky-high–not all major conflict resolution foul-ups, but probably a lot of little ones.

So, as you go through your day, maybe take a moment and think about what your “stack of papers” would look like.

As for my 3 year-old, he’s on number–oh–about 5!


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