The Little Things

4 Aug

I stopped by the store the other day and bought a $3.99 bouquet of flowers for my mom – I found her favorites, alstroemeria. She LOVED them … you would think that I had given her a giant arrangement – you know the kind that you see in the lobby of a fancy hotel.the little things - compressed

That got me to thinking that bringing a little joy to someone you care about doesn’t have to cost a lot … as a matter of fact, it can be free!!

Here are some thoughts that came to mind for the little things we can do:

  • Watch a TV show that the other person wants to see
  • Cover for a co-worker so he/she can leave a couple of minutes early to pick up the kids
  • Surprise your spouse with a favorite dish for dinner
  • Give compliments to people you care about
  • Ask your child’s opinion about something (won’t he or she be surprised)
  • Text “XOXOXO’ to someone special at an unexpected time of the day

Are there any that you would like to add?

Please e-mail be at and I will post your thoughts for us all to share.


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