The Peaceable School

15 Jul

First … I would like to thank my professional organization, the Nevada Dispute Resolution Coalition (NDRC), for promoting its mission in such a proactive way. Last week, NDRC awarded a full scholarship to attend the 40 Hour Beginning Mediation Class offered at UNR Extended Studies next month to Amy Chatowsky, a teacher with the Washoe County School District. Congratulations to you Amy … you were chosen from among six applicants.

So … what does this have to do with today’s blog topic? Well, Amy, who I haven’t even had the pleasure of  meeting yet,  introduced me to a great conflict resolution program based on a book entitled “Creating a Peaceable School.” She wrote about it in her application. It was also the topic of her 2007 Masters program thesis.

SchoolhouseThe “Creating a Peaceable School” program envisions a school where cooperation, communication, tolerance, positive emotional expression and conflict resolution are core principles. The program integrates activities and strategies in class discussions, learning center work and class meetings to help students develop a foundation and skill set in peaceful conflict resolution.

The classroom teacher is key to providing the learning opportunities and in modeling the behaviors of a peacemaker.  But even better, every adult at the school, i.e. the principal, counselor, secretary, supervisor etc., is a potential teacher of the concepts and behaviors of peace.

I can’t think of a better way to positively influence our next generation – with great skills to prepare them to be peaceful adults.

Thanks, Amy for educating me. I am hoping that “Creating a Peaceable Office” will be the sequel!



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