The Role of Self-Care During Conflict

10 Mar

Have we overused the term “self-care” yet? I know it sounds a bit therapy-ish, but self-care really is just that: caring for oneself. And, it turns out–during conflict, self-care is essential.

I’ve recently been reminded of this by a friend who’s going through some major upheaval in her marriage. It’s falling apart, to be honest. And, she’s found herself in a position that presents two choices: I either allow myself to sink into despair OR I take care of myself and use this conflict as an opportunity to grow. I’m proud to say she’s chosen the latter (she even “called in sick” from work to just rest and reflect).self-care

When we’re involved in heated conflict, we can often neglect the one person that really matters–ourselves. Without practicing self-care, we’re cranky, short-tempered, and frustrated. And that, in turn, can even make the conflict more intense, since we’ve now sacrificed our own self-care in order to devote more time to the conflict. See how this “cycle” works?

In short–when you’re in the midst of conflict, THAT’S the time to take care of yourself. Call supportive friends, take relaxing walks, say “no” to unimportant invitations and spend time with people you like. Only then can you be your best-self and address the conflict with a positive attitude!




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