The Seven Commandments for Mediators–Part 2

14 Nov

If you missed last week’s blog, I wrote about a recent article in Family Therapy magazine that addressed the important rules for Parent Coordinators–arbitrators for divorcing couples.

These same rules apply to mediators and anyone who’s involved in conflict resolution, and they really helped me focus on the importance of having a few hard and fast “commandments” to help us in our work.untitled

So, here’s #2: Establishing rapport is crucial

The article goes on to say that “if the parties do not respect you and your professional authority, and do not feel that you are being fair to them equally,…they will not listen to you…”

I really like this one–it means that they must see that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the conflict or else they may not respect your authority and process. And, being a professional is key to gaining that respect. Without it, the process may be doomed from the start.

So, there it is–more to come next week!





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