The Therapist Gets Schooled

15 May

I’m fortunate that my workplace provides supervision, which is when us therapists meet with a supervisor to discuss cases, personal problems, work-related issues, etc.

So, it was at one of these supervision meetings that yours truly had a breakthrough.

Long story short–I had a minor screw-up at work about a week ago, and I wanted to discuss it in supervision. It took all of ten seconds for me to burst into tears, proclaiming that I’m the worst employee ever, should have known better, and should beat myself up about it for, at least, another week. You get the (2)

As I’m in tears, my supervisor asked, “When have you felt this way before?” She meant–when have you beaten yourself up for not being perfect before? I admitted that I had been this way as long as I could remember–always the “perfect” child because my parents had enough to deal with when it came to my Brother.

Hello breakthrough!

It made me realize how much “junk” we all bring into our relationships and, of course, our conflicts. If you’re the “perfect” child, then, conflict will drive you crazy until you resolve it–perfectly, of course! It’s worth exploring in your own lives–what do you bring to a conflict? What past experiences shape your conflict resolution style?

Maybe you don’t need a therapist to help you figure it out, but that insight sure would be helpful!


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One Response to “The Therapist Gets Schooled”

  1. Robbie May 15, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    So true…We are our own worst critics. I, myself, have not figured out quite how to overcome this.

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