The Three “B’s”

13 Aug

Today marked the first day of Kindergarten for my youngest child, and it’s a bittersweet milestone for most of us Moms out there. It means the “baby” isn’t really a baby anymore, which can feel kind of sad. But, it also means you’ve kept your youngest child alive for five whole years (not as easy as you think)!

As I left him in the classroom, under the tutelege of someone I don’t really know, I secretly hoped he would learn something and, hopefully, not torment the child next to him. kindergarteners

So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about his first lesson when I picked him up from school: the three “B’s”:

Be Kind

Be Safe

Be Responsible

They say, “Everything you need to know you learned in Kindergarten.” And, I’m now a believer. I mean, how much more simple could it get?

EXCEPT we grown-ups tend to forget the three “B’s” a lot, and I think I know why: probably because we stopped “being kind” when someone took advantage of our kindness. We stopped “being safe” when it wasn’t as much fun as taking a risk. And, we stopped “being responsible” when we didn’t have the energy to worry about the outcome of our actions. In sum, many of us would like to pursue the three “B’s,” but stopped doing so when the principles stopped working to our advantage.

So, here’s to a renewed committment to these principles. And, hats off to all the Kindergarten teachers who make the three “B’s” lesson #1!


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