The “Three” Options

7 Aug

Talk about conflict resolution skills! I have a very young, very sweet pre-marital counseling couple which comes to see me, and that’s usually the topic of conversation.I figure–teach them good conflict resolution skills, and they’ll be set. So, we focus on them quite a bit.

Last night, they brought up a recent argument about registering for a crystal ice bucket, retail price $350.00. She wanted it–he didn’t. So, I used the opportunity to teach them about the “three” options.untitled

I’m paraphrasing here, but I told them, “every conflict comes with three options, especially when you’re in a relationship. Option one–stand your ground because it’s just that important. Option 2–find a way to compromise and meet in the middle. Option 3–give in because you love him/her and want to make him/her happy.

It was the last one that seemed to throw them for a loop, and I suppose it should have. After all, they had never had to consider the “other” in the couple before.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, it may be worth noting that some conflicts can be resolved by giving in–just because it would make the other person happy.


Side note: They did NOT register for the crystal ice bucket–clearly, it was just that important to him.

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