The Word Is Out…

2 Oct

It’s funny–for the better part of my mediation training, I’ve had discussions with fellow mediators about how few people choose mediation, especially during divorce. And, what a shame that more people don’t know about the benefits of divorce mediation–or even collaborative divorce.

However, the word is out–at least in our office. In my six months at this private practice, every couple that has considered divorce has decided to do so OUT of the court system! To be sure, some couples have relied on my advice to consider divorce mediation or collaborative divorce. However, some couples had already decided to go that route long before they met me.images


Maybe the word has finally gotten out. Maybe these couples have seen the expense and emotional fatigue associated with going to court. Perhaps they’ve been educated about their options and decided to go another route.

Whatever the reason, I can’t assume this is just coincidence. Something is driving these couples to consider the benefits of an amicable separation. And, I say–let it continue!



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