12 May

I just love when I get learning tips when I least expect it. We had a guest observing our mediation class last month and during a break she shared this gift with me … WAIT.

Do any of you know what it stands for?sands-of-time

WAIT = Why Am I Talking?

What a great question … the kind you should ask yourself often. It’s so simple and yet so helpful.

The next time you have a long conversation with someone, step back and try to estimate how much time you think you were talking. My guess is that you will underestimate. So add at least 10-20% to your guess.

According to the experts, the ideal is about 50/50.

If you think you might be talking more than your ‘fair share,’ here is an easy tip to help you drop that number quickly … start asking questions and listening to the answers.

Next time you are confronted with an frustrated customer or an angry co-worker, try to stop talking and ask some open ended questions.

You’ll have time to think about what to ask because you won’t be so busy filling the space with your own words.


P.S. Here are some tips for asking open ended questions – my favorite kind





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