What’s So Scary about Moving Forward?

31 Oct

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would write about a common fear that so many people have…moving on.

Mediators see it all the time. It’s not uncommon to mediate a dispute and realize (usually after many long hours of negotiation) that neither party really wants to come to a solution. My therapist-self suspects that this is the case because, once a compromise is reached, that means each party has to move on and say good-bye to what was. Even if the conflict is toxic for both parties, the “familiar” conflict is much easier to digest than the unknown.images

I saw it just last week.

A friend of mine disclosed that her husband filed for divorce, and this is not shocking news for most of us. As the marriage had been rocky from the start, many of us felt that divorce may be the best option for both parties.

Of course, at her core, my friend knows this, too. However, she’ll admit she’s scared of the unknown–if she could choose to be back in her miserable marriage, she would do it instead of moving into unchartered waters.

Let’s face it. Change isn’t easy–and it really scares a lot of people.

So, this Halloween, let’s all reflect on what REALLY scares us–and promise to confront it!



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