What Can You Learn from Conflict?

24 Oct

I’m in the middle of a conflict.

Me vs. a health care provider and insurance company.

Here’s the nitty gritty: A few weeks ago, I received a bill in the mail from our family’s health insurance company, and I noticed we weren’t charged our usual co-pay. Instead, we were charged the full amount for services rendered.

I thought it was strange–we usually pay a co-pay–so, I called our insurance company, where a representative told me the bill was for an “emergency” visit. Hmmm. If memory serves, the visit was for a cough that had been lingering…hardly an emergency.untitled

After several calls back and forth between the provider and the insurance company, the insurance company revealed something I never knew: If a patient sees a doctor and reports that he/she have had symptoms for 72 hours or less, it’s considered an “emergency” visit, and you will likely be required to pay the full amount instead of a co-pay.


I though this information was VERY interesting–not to mention VERY good to know!

And, it made me realize that, had I not had the “conflict” with the provider and insurance company, I would have never learned this “secret” of the insurance company.

Bottom line: Sometimes it takes a conflict to get to the important information.

(Side note: The “conflict” continues in my case…that cough had been around for weeks, and I reported as much!)




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