When the Timing is Right … or Not

6 Jan

I wasn’t going to write about this topic today… but then a colleague mentioned his experience over the holidays … so I thought the “timing” might be right (pun intended!)

Sometimes, we just don’t give enough thought to “timing” – whether it’s with adults or kids.

timing-is-everythingThat’s what happened to my colleague. He was driving his kids around town. And he brought up a subject to his daughter while in the car that, in hindsight, may have been timed better. Perhaps when they had one-on-one time (her brother was also with them) or when she was under less stress. I have another friend who told me once that she loves bringing up things with her kids in the car … because they are a “captive” audience.

I got to thinking … just giving more consideration to when to bring things up, especially topics that may be sensitive or  controversial, may take a bit of the “conflict” out of a situation.

So, I have been observing … as I often do before I write a blog. And I have identified some instances, both in my work and personal life, that may have gone a little better if I had been more mindful about when to bring a topic up. So, instead of just blurting it out … hanging onto that thought for a better moment.

How about you? Have you experienced this too?


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