When to Forge Your Own Path

27 Mar

I just read a really interesting article about mediation “styles.” You know the ones: facilitative, evaluative, and transformative.

Me? I was trained in facilitative mediation, but have always wondered about the others because, frankly, I’ve never been one to stick to one “theory” or “style.” I prefer to mix-and-match theories, in mediation and in therapy–but, I always worry doing so will make me appear sloppy and incompetent.images

So, I was glad to read the article from The Professional Mediation Institute, which, in essence, explained the benefits of mixing different styles. It explained that, when done well, blending different mediation styles can help the mediator AND the parties.

For example, I can use transformative techniques to help the parties repair their relationship, use facilitative techniques to help them compromise, and use evaluative techniques to help get the parties to be practical about their demands.

Maybe I’ll appear a little sloppy, at first, but I’m confident practice will make perfect.

Here’s a link to the article–enjoy!

A Firm Basis for Flexibility



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