Which Battles are Worth Fighting?

4 Sep

I love my job for a myriad of reasons, but one reason is that it always gives me inspiration for this blog!

Sure enough, this morning, it happened again.

I had a client come in who is young, ambitious, and passionate about his future career in education. Problem is, he’s gotten the run-around from his University regarding which classes to take and which he can skip. To boot, he has “philosophical” differences with many of the teaching methods he’s learning in class–so much so that he is consistently challenging the professors about the “right” way to teach vs. the “wrong” way.untitled (7)

I appreciate him for many reasons, but also because he reminds me of me when I was younger. I was ready to pick a fight over nearly everything with which I disagreed, and doing so had its pros and cons.

The pros: You get your opinion heard. You can inspire others to look at things differently. You get to debate (if you like that sort of thing)

The cons: It’s exhausting. It annoys people. It sometimes isn’t worth it.

It’s all a lesson about which “battles” are worth fighting and which ones take more out of you than you receive.

When it comes to conflict, is it O.K. to let some battles just go?

I can say “yes” to that. Whether it’s school, friendships, or parenting, we all encounter a million little battles every day. The real skill comes in determining which ones are worth fighting and which ones are worth letting go.


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