Who’s Got It? Who Doesn’t?

13 Jun

Liability insurance, that is!

Before I even got a job as a therapist, it was mandatory that I get liability insurance–and lots of it.

Insurance-PolicyAt first, I wondered why a therapist would need such extensive coverage. But, then, I realized a comprehensive liability insurance policy makes good sense–for therapist and client. For example, if I encouraged a client to stay in a marriage in which there was undisclosed abuse, I could easily be sued. The client has all the power, and, because I’m licensed, that client could report me to the licensing board, as well. What’s more–the client could take my agency to court, claiming that they did not properly train me for the position. Bottom line, there’s all sorts of cases in which therapists can be sued.

The same could be said for mediators. All it would take is for one party to feel that the mediator was biased in some way toward ther other party, and that party could sue not only the mediator, but also the company for which the mediator works. Enter liability insurance!

Understanding that many mediators ask clients to sign forms which clearly absolve the mediator of any liability, wouldn’t it be prudent to have that extra layer of protection? As much as we love attorneys (yes, we do), many attorneys will tell you that signing a document may or may NOT mean the party cannot sue.

Despite the cost (which varies depending on professional associations), liability insurance wasn’t a big deal to find–and purchase. Most professional organizations and associations–plus, many county courts–offer discounts or group policies. And, many policies offer $300,000 worth of coverage for about a hundred dollars a year.  A hassle? Kinda–but, BOY do I feel better having it?!


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