Wise President Abe

28 Oct

I don’t like that man very much … I’m going to get to know him better.  – Abraham Lincoln

Wow. What an amazing quote from our 16th President.

Lincoln was implying that sometimes we need to take a closer look at people – to understand them better – and perhaps through this observation, we would learn something that would make us like them better or respect them more. Or maybe just see that we have more in common than we originally thought.

LincolnWe all  bring different things to the table. Some of us are women. Others are new on the job. Yet others speak a different language and some are shy and soft spoken. These characteristics, and many others, make us who we are and contribute to how we interact with others.

Most situations in life, that involve more than one person, are complicated by these various backgrounds and perspectives that we have. Often we make judgments about others because we view the world through our own filter, based on our perceptions of how things should be.  And this by itself can create conflict.

So, as you deal with everyday life at work, home, school or anywhere, think about Lincoln’s advice. Take another look and try to understand our differences and perhaps find some insight into your commonalities as well.


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