World Elder Abuse Awareness Day–How You Can Help

15 Jun

It’s a little known day of awareness with a big message–prevent and stop the physical, emotional, and financial abuse of elders. Plain and simple.

The United Nations recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day today–which makes it clear: elder abuse is a global problem. Here a seven ways you can help prevent and stop elder abuse, courtesy of the AARP:

images1. Learn what elder abuse is, even if you think you already know–Find the warning signs of elder abuse at the HHS Administration on Aging

2. Help elders in your life be smart with their money–The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have just launched a new curriculum called “Money Smart for Older Adults,” which includes instructor and participant guides

3. Offer respite for friends and family who are caring for elders–Set a schedule with friends, siblings, neighbors, and professional helpers to take the pressure off. If you’re a primary caregiver

4. Think not only outside the box, but outside the country–HelpAge USA, a group that sometimes partners with AARP on international initiatives like helping the victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010, has launched a program to fight elder abuse in developing countries, where laws may not protect older people.

5. If you’d rather stick close to home, volunteer for a group that helps fight elder abuse in the US–AARP’s Create the Good makes it easy to volunteer, giving you a chance to enter your location and interests and see opportunities in your community

6. Make some noise–Learn about the places in your community that care for elders and find out what standards they need to meet.

7. Pick up the phone, or a pen–If you’ve gotten out of the habit of calling and writing the older people in your life, recommit to staying in touch

And, here’s mine: thank an elder for enriching your life!




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