Would it make my mother proud?

29 Feb

Yesterday, I attended Senator Debbie Smith’s funeral service – such a sad day.

Debbie valiantly fought a battle with brain cancer and approached it just like she did everything else – with strong determination and a firm sense of purpose.

She wasn’t a quitter by any stretch of the imagination and gave that hideous disease all she had.

Debbie SmithWhen I heard the news that was Debbie had passed away, I was was confronted with the reality of having to saying good bye without being able to say the words in person.

Debbie won her first election just when I started my own business. It was a new era for both of us and we worked on many projects together over the past 15 years – more often than not, in concert.

So, when I went to her service, it was with admiration for a strong woman who knew her mind, faced challenges head on – no matter what was coming at her – and made things happen. I had witnessed it many times.

What I didn’t know was that Debbie had an ‘internal barometer’, that her brother, Bruce, told us about between his tears.

Before Debbie said or did anything, she would ask herself, “Would it make my mother proud?” It was her way of deciding whether her approach passed muster.

I am so glad that Bruce shared this insight about Debbie. It comforted me and gave me a beautiful framework to remember Debbie and all of her accomplishments.

I know, for sure, that Debbie made her mother very, very proud.


P.S. Thank you to the Reno Gazette Journal for posting the photos of Debbie Smith Through the Years.


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