Your Best Self

6 Mar

We all want to be our best self, but sometimes we get off track.

When this happens, we feel unhappy, weighted down and stuck.  And our poor attitude negatively affecting our relationships with others. We are short tempered, petty and argumentative.

Last year, I attended an advanced mediation training and learned this very simple tool to start to understand where we want to be — as opposed to where we are.

First you need sticky notes in two colors — let’s say blue and yellow. And then you need a board or wall.

Cluster a bunch of blank blue sticky notes on the wall in the shape of a circle (see picture below). On each sticky note, write one word that describes you when you are at your best – the way you want to feel.

Then take the blank florescent green sticky notes and surround the blues ones by forming a circle around them. On these pieces of paper, write the words that best describe you when you are ‘triggered.’ This is when you are filled with negative emotion or feel ‘wired’ and ‘provoked.’

Now, this may sound really simple, but when you step back and view your own words on the wall, you will realize what is holding you back from being your best self.

Hopefully, it will get you thinking about how your best self is being held captive and what you need to do to unleash a happier you.  And remember, it’s not up to someone else to do that for you. You have the ultimate power to change.








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